Modular Tactical System

MTS Overview

Soldier wearing MTS with number callouts
Tactical I/O Expansion Hub

Adds additional interfaces: USB and RS-232. Stowed inside cummerbund, easily accessible for intermittent or continual use.

Tactical I/O Hub
Universal Tactical Display (UTD)

Remote 6.5-inch sunlight-viewable touchscreen display. Worn on front vest panel. Easily opened and closed with one hand.

Universal tactical display
Tactical Vests / Plate Carriers

The MTS is designed to adapt to any tactical plate carrier. BDAT also offers fully integrated wearable solutions that include modifications to existing platforms for optimized cable routing and component placement.

Tactical Vests
GPS Module

All-in-one commercial GPS, worn on left shoulder with clear view of sky.

GPS Module
Tactical Mission Controller (TMC)

Tactical computing core, system power manager, and peripheral controller. Worn on upper-rear vest panel or integrated with an assault / carry pack.

Tactical Mission Controller
Cables & Cable Management

Cables for adapting the MTS to the Human-Machine-Interface and tactical peripherals. Off-the-shelf (OTS) solutions for plug-n-play compatibility with fielded peripherals. Cables are routed through the vest and cummerbund.

Tactical Mission Controller

The Modular Tactical System (MTS), provides the dismounted warfighter with an ultra-rugged, wearable capability for C4ISR, situational awareness, precision targeting, and common control operations that integrates power distribution, radio/peripheral control and computing functions into the plate carrier for use in a tactical environment.

Optimized for dismounted C4ISR

  • Full integration with uniform ensemble
  • Option for 3-day assault pack
  • Daylight-viewable/NVG compatible display or hands free display
  • Intuitive software interface consolidates C2/SA information on single display

Multi-mission flexibility

  • Targeting
  • Combat Medic/MEDEVAC
  • Intelligence (speech translation, Sensitive Site Exploitation, Biometrics, Forensics)
  • Unmanned vehicle control
  • EOD

Now available off-the-shelf

  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9 product
  • Deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan

Interoperable with fielded equipment and software

  • Radios, batteries and power systems
  • System integrates on most tactical plate carriers with a new cummerbund for cable management.
  • Common mapping, CAS, and C2/SA applications
  • Helmet mounted displays
  • Peripherals
  • Video Down Link receivers
  • System can also be integrated into a bag for a more self contained operational capability.
MTS components in the dirt Top view of MTS TMc on soldier's back