Proud to Celebrate 10 Years!

Black Diamond Advanced Technology, is proud to celebrate 10 years of quality, performance, & dedication.

The BDAT Story

Black Diamond Advanced Technology (BDATech), LLC., headquartered in Chandler, AZ, is a demonstrated and recognized leader in tactical computing and communications systems focusing on the dismounted operator. Black Diamond has led many successful integration efforts of the modular Tactical System as a TRL-9 product and has a track record of high user adoption rates across a broad range of mission requirements. The MTS is fielded in every U.S. service branch and with NATO and U.S. allies for a variety of applications.

Black Diamond Advanced Technology has a long history of providing the dismounted Operator with technology to ensure mission success in the rugged conditions and extreme environments in which they must operate. Our products enable and enhance real and virtual lifelines by integrating with existing fielded equipment to maximize the performance and capabilities of the organic tools the Operator has today.

Our ground forces face new threats and new enemies while simultaneously countering technology that grows more sophisticated by the day, driving the need for a tool to help them fight any threat. Our Forward Air Control-Utility Suite™ for DCAS enables the Operator to function using digital communications and therefore, be more stealthy from a radio emissions perspective than relying on voice communications that mitigate an enemy’s direction finding and counter-fire capabilities.

Additionally, with defense spending cuts across the board, Black Diamond Advanced Technology can ensure the services money is well-spent. BDATech products continue to excel in applications such as fires, communications, Tactical Electronic Warfare (TAC-EW), Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) applications. Using one solution to support a variety of mission sets allows for the consolidation of funding for training and support.

Interoperability of equipment and even changing its role from Insertion to extraction is paramount. Technological advancements are born from the tactics used by our enemies abroad. BDATech continually fields solutions that enable us to stay ahead and address both high and low tech threats. Former Defense Secretary Panetta commented in a speech, “…as we lose battle space infrastructure resources, SOF must utilize organic capabilities to identify, track and prosecute threats.” BDATech’s solutions work to keep the advantage on our side. Rear Admiral Pybus as the Commander, Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Command stated in a speech, “…for a small element that is more alone out there, it’s got to be able to reach back, to communicate, to bring other capabilities to bear [and] to move, so we are taking harder looks on how we do that for our forces.” This is the cornerstone of the relationship BDATech has with its customers.

A letter from our President & General Manager

I am honored to lead Black Diamond Advanced Technology as President and General Manager and collaborate with our loyal customers, as we work together to profitably grow the Company and build our value.

Our senior management team is implementing our long-term strategy to guide the Company for the many years to come. Our strategic plan has numerous initiatives across brands, regions and functions that are designed to leverage our strengths, make us more cost efficient and fuel our sales. Today, we are pleased to report that it is working.

We are a growth company. Our mission is to keep expanding by moving our brands into new geographies and the best opportunities and developing must-have products. Wherever the future takes us—whether deeper into the digital frontier or the bustling streets of emerging markets—the end-user will be at the center of our thinking. We are investing greater resources in consumer insights and building our organizational capabilities so we can continue creating breakthrough products and services that will surprise and thrill consumers across the globe.

One of the ways we differentiate ourselves is by being “creativity-driven and consumer inspired.” This is one of our unique strengths. It means we use the consumer as our muse to inspire our superb creative talents. Another distinguishing trait is our High-Touch service, which we are adapting to different distribution channels and consumer demographics to engage consumers wherever they shop.

This is an exciting time for Black Diamond Advanced Technology as we evolve into a truly global organization that understands our diverse consumers’ aspirations, no matter who they are or where they live. Thank you for your interest in our Company, our brands and our products.

Justin Dyster
President & General Manager

Our Customers, Our Focus.

We are dedicated to building only the best products and pride ourselves in providing the utmost protection to brave men and women. We believe innovation comes from the lab as well as the field. Take it from our customers in the field who know first-hand what it takes to get the job done.

“The most succinct fires kit on the market. Highly recommended!”
-US SOF Operator

“MTS is unlike any other system that I have used – when using the system in the field it responds so quickly when I need it the most.”
-US SOF Operator

“Relying on my equipment is what brings me confidence. Relying on the Modular Tactical System, has allowed me to feel secure in combat.”
-USMC Sniper

“The Black Diamond Tactical Controller is completely integrated into the vest. It’s there when I need it, and out of the way when I don’t.”

“First kit I would call a complete game changer.”
-US SOF Operator